30 Best WordPress News Themes in 2024

30 Best WordPress News Themes in 2024

With the help of our thorough guide to the , you can stay on top of the digital trends.

Any news organization or newspaper needs an attractive and useful website in today’s fast-paced media industry. Our carefully chosen collection of the highlights themes with stylish layouts, potent functionality, and intuitive user interfaces, so your content will stand out and your audience will remain interested.

These themes provide you with the adaptability and customization choices you need to improve your online presence, whether you’re covering investigative journalism, breaking news, or specialty subjects. These themes have flexible layouts and smooth social media platform integration, all of which are designed to satisfy the changing demands of modern journalism. Choose the ideal WordPress news theme from our collection to take your publication to new heights in 2024 and beyond.

1. Newspaper — News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Among the , Newspaper is a top news theme. Introducing “Newspaper,” the most powerful WordPress theme created for media and e-commerce sites alike. This theme perfectly integrates the domains of online news and commerce to give exceptional versatility and usability.

2. JNews — WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

Out of the , JNews is the most widely used theme. JNews is the one-stop destination for all things WordPress website related, whether running a blog, magazine, newspaper, or requiring AMP support.

3. Jannah — Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Selected as one of the , Jannah is a powerful theme for BuddyPress, news, magazine, and newspaper websites that is fully compatible with AMP. Its attractive appearance and wide range of customization options make it a great replacement for dynamic platforms.

4. Foxiz — WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

One of the is JFoxiz, a dynamic solution for news, magazine, and newspaper websites. JFoxiz’s attractive look and user-friendly features make it simple to create engaging content. With its flexible features and layout options, users can create publications with exceptional visual appeal.

5. SmartMag — Newspaper Magazine & News WordPress

For WordPress news, magazine, and newspaper websites, SmartMag is the the standard. It has been selected as one of the . SmartMag’s elegant layout and wide range of features make it an easy platform to display interesting content and attract users.

6. The Fox — Magazine Newspaper News WordPress Theme

The Fox is a feature-rich and customizable theme for news, magazine, and newspaper websites, and it’s one of the . The Fox is a feature-rich, modern platform that makes it simple to display engaging content.

7. Mercury — Affiliate WordPress Theme. Casino, Gambling & Other Niches. Reviews & News

Mercury is an adjustable affiliate theme made specifically for niche markets like gaming, casinos, and more. The list of the includes it. This theme is ideal for affiliate marketers and industry lovers because it easily integrates the review and news aspects.

8. Newsophy — Fast and Easy to Use WordPress News and Blog Theme

One of the , Newsophy, changes simplicity and speed for news and blog themes. Newsophy’s user-friendly layout and fast loading design make it an easy platform to share news and blog entries. Regardless of your level of expertise, Newsophy’s user-friendly features make publishing and managing content simple to understand.

9. Newsmag — Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Newsmag’s stylish layout and wide range of features make it an ideal medium for presenting compelling content. Because of its adjustable options and user-friendly style, Newsmag is a popular choice among bloggers and publishers. It is perfect for both generating in-depth pieces and covering breaking news.

10. Bimber — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Bimber stands out as a top option because to its attractive combination of appearance and functionality. Designed for today’s digital world, Bimber gives publishers the tools they need to easily create dynamic online magazines and popular content. Its modern style and simple customization tools guarantee that it can be easily adapted to a wide range of markets and target groups.

11. Neeon — WordPress News Magazine Theme

Neeon is an excellent WordPress theme for news and magazine websites and has been listed as one of the . Neeon is a feature-rich and efficient platform for showing interesting material.

12. Newsblock — News & Magazine WordPress Theme with Dark Mode

Among the , Newsblock comes out as a particularly good selection, providing a modern and responsive solution for news and magazine websites. Newsblock is perfect for extended browsing sessions because of its unique dark mode function, which reduces fatigue in the eye while providing an exciting and immersive reading experience.

13. Pixwell — Modern Magazine

Pixwell is an excellent representation of elegance and modernism within the select few of the . Pixwell is more than just a theme — it’s a whole solution for modern digital publications. Pixwell, with its professional look and modern features, offers a dynamic platform for sharing interesting information.

14. The Issue — Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

The Issue, one of the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, provides outstanding power and versatility for websites with a magazine layout. The Issue’s dynamic and exciting design helps publishers to produce visually attractive and immersive content experiences that attract viewers.

15. Zox News — Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Zox News shows out as a suitable option for news and magazine websites. Zox News serves both individual publishers and widely recognized media sources with its feature-rich design. Readers can easily access material on all devices because to the theme’s responsive style, easy navigation, and optimum performance, which all contribute to a seamless user experience.

16. Voice — News Magazine WordPress Theme

Voice stands out as a top choice among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, providing a high-end solution for websites that host magazines and news. Voice’s strong features and clean design allow publishers to create visually appealing and appealing experiences.

17. Gridlove — News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

Gridlove shows out as an unique option that fulfills to the various requirements of news portals and magazine websites. Gridlove provides a smooth user experience with its contemporary and user-friendly design, encouraging users to go further into the material.

18. Echoo — News Magazine WordPress Theme

News Magazine Echoo WordPress Theme shows itself to be a strong and adaptable platform for reaching audiences throughout the globe with relevant news and interesting content. Echoo is a comprehensive solution for contemporary publishers looking to make an impact in the digital space with its elegant style and strong features.

19. Zeen | Newspaper Magazine News Blog WordPress Theme + WooCommerce

Zeen is an unique option among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, providing a complete solution for websites hosting blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Zeen’s advanced functions and contemporary style let publishers produce visually appealing and engaging experiences.

20. Blogar — Blog Magazine

Blogar shows out as a versatile choice for bloggers and websites with a magazine layout. Blogar offers a stylish platform for sharing interesting information and compelling stories due to its simple, modern style. Because of the theme’s numerous modification options, customers may easily personalize their websites to reflect their individual branding and style.

21. Caards — Modern Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme with Dark Mode

With the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, Caards comes out as a unique option that provides bloggers and online magazines with a modern and stylish solution. Caards offers an amazing and deep reading experience with to its innovative dark mode feature and stylish design.

22. BoomBox — Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

BoomBox takes center stage among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, offering a dynamic solution for creating viral magazine-style websites. BoomBox allows users to select and publish attractive material that captures audiences with its eye-catching design and powerful functionalities.

23. Coinflip — Casino Affiliate & Gambling WordPress Theme

Designed with casino affiliates and gamblers in mind, Coinflip stands out as a strong contender among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024. Coinflip is a complete solution for building dynamic and attractive affiliate websites, and it was created with the profitable online gaming niche in mind.

24. Henrik — Creative Magazine Theme

Henrik stands out as a compelling choice among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, providing a flexible option for imaginative magazine websites. Henrik’s flexible features and modern design allow publishers to present their work in an eye-catching and appealing way.

25. WitterMag — Modern Magazine WordPress Theme

WitterMag earns its place among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, offering a stylish and modern solution for websites related to magazines in the modern day. Publishers may display their content in an engaging and well-organized way using WitterMag’s user-friendly features and simple style.

26. Posty — News Magazine WordPress Theme

Posty secures its position among the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024, providing a versatile way to make interesting news and magazine websites. Posty gives publishers the means to offer their readers engaging content experiences with its sleek, feature-rich design.

27. Gillion | Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine & Shop WordPress AMP Theme

Gillion is one of the 30 best WordPress news themes in 2024 and shows out as an excellent option for online publications, blogs, and e-commerce websites. Gillion’s multi-concept architecture and feature-rich interface enable customers to produce dynamic and engaging content centers that effectively engage their target audiences.

28. Benqu — News Magazine WordPress Theme

Benqu has been named in the , providing everything needed for making interesting news and magazine websites. Benqu gives publishers the resources they need to organize and present things in an exciting and user-friendly way with its clean design and flexible capabilities.

29. The League — Sports News & Magazine WordPress Theme

The dynamic and adaptable “The League — Sports News & Magazine WordPress Theme” is designed for sports fans, journalists, and sports media organizations. It provides a complete solution for making interesting websites for sports magazines and news.

30. The Newspaper — Magazine Editorial WordPress Theme

For publishers, bloggers, and editorial teams wishing to build polished magazine-style websites, “The Newspaper — Magazine Editorial WordPress Theme” is a beautiful and customizable theme. “The Newspaper” provides a professional platform for presenting a wide variety of content, including news items, feature stories, opinion pieces, and reviews, due to its modern and stylish style.

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