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      To use the plugin, you need to follow these steps:

      1. Go to the Jellyfin dashboard
      2. Go to the Plugins section
      3. Go to the Installed tab
      4. Click on the Telegram Notifier plugin
      5. Configure the plugin


      1. Set your server URL (localhost:8096,, jellyfin.myDomain.com, …)
      2. Select the user you want to configure
      3. Enter the Telegram bot token

      Note: You can create a Telegram bot by sending the command /newbot to the BotFather and collect the token.

      4. Enter the chat ID

      Note: You can get the collect the chat ID by sending a message to your bot and then go to the URL (Add your token instead of ): https://api.telegram.org/bot/getUpdates

      5. Click on the Test button to test the configuration
      6. Enable the notifications for the user
      7. Select the events you want to be notified about

      Available events:
      – Item added
      – Playback start
      – Playback progress
      – Playback stop
      – Subtitle download failure
      – Authentication failure
      – Authentication success
      – Session start
      – Pending restart
      – Task completed
      – Plugin installation cancelled
      – Plugin installation failed
      – Plugin installed
      – Plugin installing
      – Plugin uninstalled
      – Plugin updated
      – User created
      – User deleted
      – User locked out
      – User password changed
      – User updated
      – User data saved

      8. Click on the Save button

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