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Clinical Massage

What is clinical massage

Clinical Massage is also known as orthopedic massage. Clinical Masage is using techniques that manipulate the body to access and minister soft tissue injuries.

These methology includes massage therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle-energy techniques, craniosacral therapy deep tissue massage and more

Clinical massage therapy methods are mainly base on the physician’s prescriptions and directives. They are performed and carried out in a series of treatments over a period of time periodically to suit the need of the condition. 

The primary purpose of clinical massage

With regards to the physician’s prescription, the clinical massage is carried out with a specific purpose. Its primary objective is to relieve pain followed by regaining of the motion of the body. And ultimately to achieve restoration of the body damages by regaining of the the soft tissues health. The sift tissue includes the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

First session of the treatments.

The doctor will prescribe the first session predominately for assesments and diagnostics purposes to determine what is the condition of the client to generate the data that he need for futher treatment. 

The treatment 

The massage therapist is able to determine the level and location of the pain by using different levels of palpation by touching the body ailing parts.


By allowing the body to do a sequence of motion, the therapist is able determine the range of the motion and the muscle strength of the body parts. 

This is performed using passive movement by the therapist by moving the relevant muscle areas, while keeping the client inert.

After which the therapist will require the client to perform active movements on the required area by himself 

Lastly the client will perform resisted movements in which the clients will perform movements against a resisting force.


Review on past injuries record 

The massage therapist will also review past clinical data on sift tissue injuries and massage therapy on top of the collected new data. All these data will be used for the doctors order in customizing the clients massage therapy. 

The compiled data are then used for the doctor’s order to customize a clinical massage therapy for the client.

Results from clinical massage

Clinical massage can improve most conditions arise from the soft tissues damage. Here is a list displaying dysfunctions of the soft tissues that has great advantage from clinical massage.

-Myofascial Pain

Physiological dysfunction and pain arise from specific points in the muscles and connective tissues also known as fascia. 

These points set off and triggers reaction and is called the triggered points. 

A map system of the myofascial trigger has been mapped and recorded by the scientist and researches. These map system are very comprehensive and aid the treatment in finding the trigger point.

From these map system many of the dysfunctions related to them are being discovered. The most commonly known are PMS, dizziness, blurred vision, arrhythmia, urinary frequency, headache, diarrhea,  cardiac, indigestion, tennis elbow, Sinusitis, deafness and TMJ dysfunction . 

-Fascial Plane Dysfunction

Fascia plane is a large endless connected sheet which covers nearly the whole body.

Fascia plane can be distorted and the surronding tissues can also be affected by the injury inflicted area. 

Injuries can be caused by misalignment or chemical imbalance. To attain optimal health, the fascial sheets, blood vessels and nerves which are connected to them need to be kept in good condition.

-Neuromuscular Dysfunction

Every movements of the body requires sending great amount of nerve impulses to the various muscles which is involved in the movement. All these need to be accomplised with good precision in timing. When any parts of these functioning mechanics breaks down, the muscle fibres locks. 

-Tonus System Dysfunction

Overworking your muscles cause them to be hypertonic and lost their ability to relax. This results in the consequent where the muscles become tighten and stress out on the opposing muscels and also the joints that they cross.

-Dermatomic Dysfunction

Pinches along the path of the nerves will cause pain to be delivered to the area where it is serve

-Spondylogenic Dysfunction

Pain occur in the area where joints of the spine are impaired or are being compressed


Conditions and symptions arised from muscle pain, joint pain or joint tightness and muscel fatigue or tension, shooting , tension pains, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, digestive system inconsistancy, digestive arthritis, circulatory conditions, sleep conditions, headaches and immune functioing conditions can be relieved by clinical massage.

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