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About Finder press

Who are we

We collect reviews. We love to do research and learn about different industries, services and products. 

We beliveve the best way to match your products and services is to place them right in front of the people who are looking for it. 

What we do

We good products and review them. And we put it up in our product place. When the user search for it, they get appeared in their search.


How do we earn from this?

We do reviews on products and we place them on our site. Some of them are affiliate sites and some are ads that we are paid for. We earn a commission and advertising fee for doing this.

How you can work with us

If you have a product or services, then We would love to hear from you, that you want to be reviewed and put up on our website to be found by our customers, you can also contact us via our whatsapp or contact us form.